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Working Together to Improve the Health of St. Louis 

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Body Presencing - Dr. Gail Cloud, DC

Dr. Nikki is proud to share an office with Dr. Gail Cloud, DC.  Dr. Gail has been in practice for 30 years, providing not only chiropractic services, but Body Presencing,  Family Constilation, and Astrology work as well.  Dr. Gail has a calming presence, and a deep knowledge of the human body and its many facets. 

In her words -

"My healing practice inspires people to be who they are, to listen to their inner knowing, act on it, and thereby live authentic and healthy lives.  I am passionate about inspiring, educating, and mentoring people who want to learn how to create vibrant health, live passionately and experience whole and loving family dynamics.

As a healer, I am committed to some core beliefs and principles that I seek to embody – both personally and professionally."  

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Jamaa Birth Village 

Jamaa Birth Village works with families in providing perinatal care. Our main focuses are to enhance individual care and empower families by celebrating cultural heritage in a community care setting to combat racial and health inequities and increasing access to quality and affordable client-based care through:

Doula Care (St. Louis's only Doula of Color Collective)

Midwifery Support Services

Childbirth & Nutrition Education

Breastfeeding & Postpartum Support

Parent Cafe's

Mother-baby Donations & Resources

Doula Training & Student Midwife of Color Support

Dr. Nikki is proud to provide chiropractic care to the clients and families of Jamaa Birth Village. 

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