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Breastfeeding Support

Helping You Give Your Baby the Healthiest Start Possible 

Breastfeeding is one of the hardest parts of new motherhood.  Between latch difficulties, supply issues, cracked/chapped/bleeding nipples, colic, reflux, and cluster feeding, there are so many things that can make it harder.  Part of what I do as a chiropractor is to help take the guesswork out of why you and your baby may be having difficulties.  I assess for tongue and lip tie, as well as for cranial and spinal misalignments that could be contributing to baby's difficulties.  I gently adjust and release anywhere I find tension, allowing your baby to feel less stress and be able to function at their best.  My goal is always to encourage and help strengthen the nursing relationship, as we all know that breastmilk provides invaluable immune support to baby, as well as a bond with you that is so precious.  

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