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Soul Doctor Tarot  Transforming Life’s Pain Through the Tarot

Life brings us challenges. When we are at our most broken, is also when we are at our most powerful. In my tarot practice, I specialize in helping you turn these times of great turmoil and transition into opportunities for growth.  We shine light into all of the shadowy parts of you just waiting to be revealed, and then we discover together how you can heal and move forward from whatever is holding you back.  

There are several ways to work with me.  

Single readings (1 hour virtual) - $111 This level is great if you haven’t worked with me before and you’re wondering if we’d be a good fit.  If you decide to purchase a package after this reading, you can use the price of a single reading toward a package. 

3 reading package (to be used within 3 months) - $297  This is great if you have one specific issue you’re wanting guidance on. 

6 reading package (to be used within 6 months) - $567 This is for those wanting to dive deeper.  My suggestion would be to do biweekly readings for 3 months, but this can also be used for monthly readings. 

12 reading package (to be used within one year) - $1111 (this is like buying 10 readings and getting 2 FREE!!)  - This is for those wanting a transformation journey. Again my suggestion would be biweekly readings for 6 months as we work through all of the grief needing to be felt and healed, but this package can also be used as a monthly reading for 1 year, allowing for regular readings as you do the work on your own. 

For $33 per month, you can join my facebook membership group.  Within the group, you will have the opportunity to participated in full moon and new moon rituals each month, as well as live card pulls at the beginning of each month.  It’s a great way to stay connected to me and to others on similar journeys. Each package purchased above includes group membership for the duration of the package. 

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