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Using the Tarot to offer guidance and support

We could all use a little direction from time to time.  I have found that reading Tarot cards offers me guidance when I’m wondering which way to go, and I wanted to offer the same service to you.  I offer two different options to receive a reading, each lasting an hour.

The first option is a basic Tarot reading where you can ask as many questions as you would like, and I can provide as much guidance as possible.  Here are some examples of topics you may want to discuss, but keep in mind, the possibilities are endless! 

  • Love and Relationships

  • Health and Wellness

  • Career and Business 

  • Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Forecast

  • Personal Development


The other readings I offer are mediumship readings, where I connect to one of your loved ones who has crossed over, and pass on any messages they may have for you.  I use the Tarot in these readings as well, to help in clarifying any message your loved may be trying to communicate to us.  

I offer live readings in my office or via Zoom.  To book your reading, please click the button below and you will be taken to my scheduling site.  

I'm looking forward to serving you, and offering guidance in whatever form it comes, whether from the Universe, or from your own loved ones.

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