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Why Choose Chiropractic? 

Because you deserve to live a healthy life.  

Modern life sets us up for many dysfunctions of our skeletal and nervous systems.  My job as your chiropractor is to help your spine (and through that your nervous system) function optimally, so that you can live your best life.  I achieve this goal through low-force chiropractic adjusting, muscle release work, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. The goal is to decrease inflammation and increase healthy function so that you can lead your best life!

I use a low-force adjusting technique, so that your experience in my office is as relaxing as possible.  This technique is often more comfortable for people who tend to be sensitive to pain, or who are nervous about the chiropractic adjustment.  

I pride myself on the time and attention that I give to each of my patients.  You will never be just another spine in my office - I focus on treating you as a whole person and making sure that you feel heard and helped each time you visit.  

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